You can use a Wi-Fi connection to configure the device. By default, each device creates a closed access point. Access point access parameters (specified in the AP configuration)

SSID: VM03_IMEI of device Password: DVR + Last 3 digits + 4th and 5th one of IMEI for example: IMEI 353464071592365 SSID: VM03_353464071592365 password: DVR36546

Wi-Fi and AP configuration

Figure 1 – Wi-Fi and AP configuration

Table 1 – Wi-Fi configuration parameter description

Parameter Parameter description
Wi-Fi mode select the mode of operation of the Wi-Fi module
AP access point
Client Connecting to an external access point
OFF off
Hotspot SSIDThe name of access point
Hotspot passwordThe password of access point

Client configuration

The device can transmit data to the server using a Wi-Fi network in connection mode to the access point. If you have a Wi-Fi connection, the default gateway will be switched from GSM to Wi-Fi, and all information will go via Wi-Fi. When you disconnect the Wi-Fi access point, you will be reconnected to GSM. ATTENTION! The connection to the access point should be set up after making sure that the signal level of the point is good. You can check the signal level on the Wi-Fi networks monitor tab. SIGNAL QUALITY of the required network must be at least 20%. If the network is spaced, or its level is below 20%, the module will switch to AR mode

Figure 2 – Client configuration

Table 2 – Client configuration parameter description

Parameter Parameter description
SSIDAccess point name
PWDAccess point password
NETConnection status
Client management Client configuration
PriorityOrder of connection
SSIDAccess point name
Password Access point password
Internet testTest internet connection

Figure 3 – Wifi information

Table 3 – Wifi information parameter description

Parameter Parameter description
STATThe state of the client
SSIDAccess point name
ADDRAddress of the client
MACMac address of the client
Update dataUpdate network data
SSIDAccess point name
SECURThe type of Wi-Fi AP defense
MACMac address of the Wi-Fi AP
Scan WiFi Network Scanning
Raw infoInformation about Wi-Fi AP

To set the default settings, click the Default button. To save settings in NVR click Save settings button.