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A VPN tunnel is required to enable remote device configuration, live stream viewing, and file storage in the repository. For this purpose in VM03 mNVR the VPN client OpenVPN is implemented.

By default, each device is connected to the VPN server. This allows you to remotely connect to the web interface, as well as view RMTP or HLS streams. Bitrek provides a service of renting dedicated admin configured servers with all the necessary software and large storage for photo-video monitoring. Check with the managers for details.

Recommended OpenVPN server settings:

  • forbidden to use ports: 20,21,80,123,443,1935,4430
  • client configuration file - .ovpn
  • cipher – None
  • port 1194
  • protocol – TCP
  • forwarding setting - do not send all traffic through VPN


Figure 1 – VPN configuration

Table 1 – VPN parameter description

Parameter Parameter description
VPN client IP the current address of the device on the VPN
VPN client .ovpn file the current file to connect to the VPN
System VPN state system VPN status
Client VPN statestreaming VPN status

To set the default settings, click the Default button. To save settings in NVR click Save settings button.