mNVR device management and monitoring system

We have developed CMS Bitrek Video for convenient work with mNVR Bitrek photo-video monitoring device. Features of the system:

  • The system does not require installation on the user's device - just a browser and an Internet connection
  • For registration is enough to go to the address and click register - registration is free
  • It allows you to track the status of your devices to quickly respond to possible problems and reduce the time to fix them
  • remote instrument maintenance is available - rebooting the instrument and cameras, cleaning the storage, viewing and copying files from the internal storage of the instrument, as well as querying and setting the settings
  • In the links section, the user can access the web interface of the instruments, the instrument cabinet, as well as the Live video players
  • Three user levels allow you to build a chain of dealer-customer-end user interaction, with different rights and access levels to device functions
  • the availability of a group allows arranging the devices according to the branches
  • it is possible to temporarily give and take away access rights to view and control the equipment
  • the system is constantly developing - we listen to users' opinions, constantly adding new features and fixing possible errors