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Name Description Note
IMEI Unique device identifier 15 digits
Name Device name - will be displayed on the control panel page Up to 64 characters
Owner The user who added the device by entering its IMEI and password into the system There can only be one owner
Added Date and time the device was added to the system -
Tags Tags are used to group devices for easy searching Up to 64 characters
Permission Manager In the Permissions Manager you can define the users who will have access to the device. You can also define what levels of access a specific user will have With different access levels the defined user will have no disabled items on the control panel
Delete Delete the device. If the deletion is successful, another user can become its owner by entering the IMEI and password To delete, you must enter the password of the device or the password of the device owner's account

To add a device you should press the button Add device, where you should specify the IMEI of the device and its password. It is not obligatory to enter the name - you can add it later in the Devices section